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Watch Noor TV Islamic Channel Live Free | نور ٹی وی

Noor TV urdu Channel is a Pakistan UK based Islamic Religious Channel.You can watch here Noor TV live online stream via internet from all around the world.Noor tv Channel is run by Shaykh Alauddin Siddiqui its a free to air television and broadcast their live transmission through out the world.
Noor TV is available on Sky Channel 819.Their main purpose is to create the mind sets according to the Religion Islam and develop harmony,charity and kindness in the peoples and spread the message of Allah and their Nabi MOHAMMAD(PBUH) message to all the human beings.Noor TV is run by the Mohiuddin trust it also run a university and colleges in Pakistan.It provide special Islamic information with their quality programs and shows which are based on informative,educational, historical,Sufi wisdom,kid’s and other discussion programs on Islamic point of view for the sake of humanity & also give the way to led their life’s according to the Islamic Religion.For more information or you have any message,You may contact their official website.

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